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About Leadership Emporium

Leadership Emporium is a boutique Leadership Advisory and Consulting firm. Its founding is a culmination of several years’ desire and goal to bridge the chasm between theory and practice by combining academic rigour with practitioner excellence in helping clients develop high performance leaders, teams and organisations, as well as in making work fulfilling, fair and painless.


Our People: Founder

Dr Ngao Motsei

Dr Ngao Motsei is a seasoned professional who began her corporate journey as a Manager and later assumed positions of greater leadership and responsibility in the Organisation Effectiveness, People Management and Transformation functions, culminating in being appointed Executive Director responsible for Strategic Human Resources and Transformation at a JSE listed Financial Services company. Since 2015, Ngao transitioned from her Executive Director roles to Independent Non-Executive Director roles where she brings a people and ethics-centred performance to the boards she serves in.

She continues her work as a Leadership Consultant and ICF-certified Integral Coach where she works with clients to help them bring desired change that last beyond the coaching and consulting intervention periods.

On the academic front, Ngao serves as fulltime faculty and lecturer at the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). She teaches in the areas of Leadership, Management Consulting, Executive Education and customised corporate programmes.


Founder Fact Sheet


  • PhD (Organisational Behaviour), University of Pretoria

  • Master Urban & Regional Planning, Cornell University

  • BScoc Sc (Hons), University of Cape Town

  • BA, University of the North (now Limpopo)

Core Characteristics

  • Embraces complexity and change

  • Big picture thinker

  • Collaborative

  • Creates space for healthy dissent

  • Highly organized and goal oriented


Further Training & Development

  • Business Strategy for HR Leaders Programme, INSEAD

  • Applied Director Programme, Sirdar Group

  • Financial Insights for Non-Financial Directors, IoDSA

  • Associate Coaching Course (ACC), UCT GSB Centre for Coaching

  • The Professional Coaching Course, (PCC), UCT GSB Centre for Coaching


Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy formulation and implementation

  • Human Resource Management

  • Team and Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Board and Governance Reporting


Our Beliefs

What we believe about leaders and leadership

  • Leaders set direction by creating and inspiring vision about the future

  • Leaders enroll, inspire, engage, motivate and take others along to deliver on the vision

  • Leadership is about providing direction and mapping where the organisation needs to go

  • In the end, leadership is about taking the organisation where it is not


Leadership is an expression of who we are

What we believe about organisations and people

  • Organisations are multifaceted and minded socio-cultural ecosystems

  • People join organisations to serve and live their own purpose and values through organisations’ purpose and values

  • The war for talent is won by talent

  • Talented people have the power to choose who to work for, and who not to work for

  • Unless organisations treat and serve their people well, people will not serve them well, and will ultimately leave

  • Respectful leaders and cultures lead to happy, healthy and productive work environments


Our Services


Leadership Advisory

  • Leadership and career transition

  • New leader assimilation

  • Facilitate sessions to assimilate new leaders with their teams

  • Partner with leaders to help them create their brand and brand promise

  • Team & Leadership Development facilitation

  • Strategy development facilitation

  • Workplace Bullying

  • Organisational Justice

  • Humanity in the workplace

  • The people side of business


  • One-on-one coaching

  • Team coaching



Our Approach

We use a tried, tested and customized approach to our consulting


  • Kick-off meeting

  • Initial contact with client

  • Presentation of problem

  • Problem definition

  • Preliminary problem diagnosis